Inventor Kit for Vincibot

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MatataStudio Inventor Kit is an add-on package of VinciBot for learning and creating various interactive electronic projects, which is biased towards creation and DIY.  Adapt to VinciBot's easy-to-operate programmable electronic components to functions and application scenarios.

Product Feature:

  1. Create STEM Projects with Electronic Components: Equipped with 5 programmable electronic modules, including a 360° Servo, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, LED Strip, Rotary Angle Sensor, and Joystick. Paired with VinciBot, the Inventor Kit allows kids to create interactive STEM electronic games, fostering their understanding of electronics and mastery of electronic principles.
  2. Explore Unlimited Fun with Expansion Module: The Inventor Kit includes a Module Link Unit, designed to seamlessly connect with third-party sensor modules like Arduino and Micro: bit, which empowers kids to integrate external electronic components with VinciBot to DIY more interesting and expanded gameplay and exercises their creativity, engineering thinking and design thinking.
  3. Easy to Build & Program: With a step-by-step building manual, children and parents can easily use the Inventor Kit to creatively build for VinciBot and enjoy joyful family time. VinciBot’s programming platform is specially designed related graphical programming blocks for these five electronic components to unleash children's creativity in areas such as building, programming and electronics.
  4. Incredible Gift for Kids: Captivate your little ones with this super cool Inventor Kit and let them discover the secrets of programming and electronics. This STEM kit serves as an ideal educational and learning gift for both boys and girls, suitable for occasions such as birthdays, Children's Day, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, summer camp activities, back-to-school, and home fun time.


    Different from general third-party electronic components adapted to Microbit or Arduino, the five electronic components in the Inventor Kit are specially designed for VinciBot:

    1) on the hardware, it uses a type-c interface cable to connect VinciBot;

    2) on the software,  VinciBot’s programming platform specially designed plug-ins
    and related graphical programming building blocks for these five electronic components.

    The purpose of this design is to reduce the difficulty of learning and using various electronic components so that students can focus on using electronic components to create.

    Based on these 5 electronic components, 6 cases and the materials needed for these cases are also
    given in the product. These cases are mainly used to inspire students to create more interesting
    expansion games based on these 5 electronic modules.

    Besides, there is also a Module Link Unit, which is adapted to the third-party DC motor, Servo and sensors.


    1* Rotary Angle Sensor
    1* Temperature & Humidity Sensor
    1* Joystick
    1* 360° Digital Servo
    1* LED Strip
    1* Module Link Unit for VinciBot
    1* USBC Cable
    1* Paper Craft
    1* user guide, 
    1 * building manual with 7 study cases
    128 pieces of building bricks




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