Russia Kindergarten Coding Class Case Study

Russia Kindergarten Coding Class Case Study

Matatalab in Russia kindergarten

How many kids are in a group
How was the Matatalab robot(s) used? 
In our kindergarten there are three sets of MATATALAB PRO SET, each is for 4 children. The kids are really looking forward to robotics classes, asking what interesting things they will do this day. On the eve of Cosmonautics Day I decided to surprise the children and organize a "Space Trip" for them. First, I suggested the children to watch a video letter from Belka - the first dog to enter space. The film told them that the first dogs, Belka and Strelka, successfully flew into space, and after that, the first man went into Space and returned safely.
Then we decided to draw space. With the help of diagrams, kids easily made an algorithm for MatataBot, inserted a marker, and drew stars which they cut out and stuck down to a construction paper with the space background. The background transformed. The kids were so excited! But something else was missing in space, and then we decided to draw a rocket using a scheme of the house. The further step was to consider who would fly the rocket and how to make an eliminator in a rocket. Children proposed to remove the upper part of the robot, cut out a circle, put the rocket on the cosmonaut robot. Having much fun, children launched the rocket into space with a 
well-known phrase of first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin "Let's go!" Using a diagram with motion blocks, a dance block, and musical blocks, the rocket set off on a space trip. The children also wished to travel through Space, but their task was not easy. It was required to choose cosmonaut and spacecraft captain. The captain chose a card with a planet image where he would send his cosmonaut, laid out a maze of plastic cubes on the space mat, put a green pin at the start, and a red one at the finish. Then he laid out an algorithm using motion blocks on the control panel and sent his cosmonaut to the planet. Cosmonaut had quite a difficult task as well, he put on a spacesuit that was not very comfortable to move in and listened carefully to his commander's instructions. When he landed successfully on the planet, the teacher took a card with its picture and read some notable facts about it. At the end of the training, we made a conclusion: what interesting things kids had learned, what they liked, if children had any difficulties during the training if it was hard to be a cosmonaut, and what you feel while wearing a cosmonaut’s spacesuit. Then we decided where children would like to go next lesson.

What skills did it develop?
The ability to work in teams and individually, problem solving skills, logical thinking, basic coding skills, carefulness, practical orientation, math skills, communication skills, fine motor skills, friendly co-operation

What worked best and what was challenging?
With great interest, the children made algorithms based on diagrams for drawing and musical composition. The children even had no idea that MatataBot could draw, dance and play music.The most difficult thing was to make an algorithm without using a diagram, as well as building a maze for cosmonaut, since the captain had to decide which way cosmonaut should go. The kid who played the role of cosmonaut found it hard to follow his captain. It required being quite careful and not to make movements before the captain gave a command. For this type of training to be more successful I decided to use the same mats on other lessons with MATATALAB 

How did students respond?
The children were satisfied with their journey. Since they received a video letter from Belka, drew and cut out stars, a rocket which they launched into space, they tried themselves as cosmonauts and captains. Children learned names of planets, how different they can be in color and size, and much more.

Share your comments upon the class using Matatalab
This is a great tool to practice in a game way such important skills as STEAM as well as communication and problem solving. And it all comes with a free screen Matatalab sets which combines with our kindergarten curriculum in great way!

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