What STEM Toys For 1 Year Old To 10 Years Old Can Teach - Matatalab Official Shop

What STEM Toys For 1 Year Old To 10 Years Old Can Teach - Matatalab Official Shop

Do you really need STEM toys for a 1 year old? Of course. Believe it or not, STEM toys are great for kids of all ages, even as young as one. While older kids, such as 9 and 10 year olds, might get into the more technical STEM toys, younger children benefit from simpler toys. However, the lasting skills these toys teach at any age is priceless.


Introduction To STEM

STEM refers to science, technology, engineering and math. These are critical skills for kids to learn, especially with so many jobs being in those fields now. Of course, those four areas are skills people use everyday in some way. Getting kids interested and teaching them doesn’t have to mean just relying on boring textbooks. Instead, kids respond much better to toys and games.


Kids retain more of what they learn. Plus, they get hands-on experience. Spending less time glued to a screen and more time interacting with their toys physically helps their interest grow even more. You can even encourage your older kids to play with these toys so they can create the next great device or app one day.


STEM Toys For 1 Year Old

Obviously, a child this young isn’t going to be able to program robots or build complex designs. However, STEM toys for a 1 year old provides a foundation for learning to build with blocks, discover motion and recognize shapes and colors. All of these are STEM skills at their most basic level.


At this age, the best STEM toys are colorful and interactive. Some of the best options include:

  • Building blocks
  • Stacking sets
  • Musical toys
  • Blocks and puzzles with numbers and colors
  • Bead mazes


STEM Toys for 2 Years Old

At two, kids are starting to get more curious. Toddlers love to have their hands on everything. This is also a great opportunity to introduce STEM toys for 2 years old. These teach basic science, math and engineering concepts. For instance, magnetic toys aid in learning to build and the science behind magnets.


Some of the best toys at this age include:

  • Building toys
  • Large-piece puzzles and gear puzzles
  • Music toys
  • Pairing and sorting games
  • Magnetic puzzles and building toys
  • Simple track building kits for toddlers and young kids


STEM Toys For 3 Years Old

This is a great age to really start engaging kids in STEM topics. They’ve already gotten a basic foundation. Now, it’s time for even more interactive STEM toys for 3 years old. Counting, creativity and building are the top skills to work on at this include with toys such as:


  • Bath blocks to create waterfalls and paths
  • Train sets for kids, especially with numbered cars
  • Counting toys and games
  • Early coding robots that use large colored cards to program the robot


STEM Toys For 4 Years Old

Kids are often in pre-school at this point and already more interested in puzzles, early math and creative expression. Creativity plays a large part in STEM, such as creating amazing structures and developing innovative technologies. Spur your child on with these STEM toys for 4 years old:


  • Early math games
  • Building sets, usually for ages 3-5
  • Coding toys, such as Fisher-Price’s Code-a-Pillar
  • Puzzles


STEM Toys For 5 Years Old

Now is the perfect age for wanting to solve problems, which is a crucial aspect of being successful in a STEM field. Parents should participate and ask kids to explain what’s happening when their kids play with these STEM toys for 5 years old:


  • Early coding toys, especially fun robots
  • Kids’ science kits
  • Magnetic games and puzzles
  • More advanced building sets, usually 4-7 year old range
  • Early electronics kits, such as Snap Circuits
  • Maze creation playkits


STEM Toys For 6 Years Old

The great thing about STEM toys for 6 years old is they’re not much different than those for a 5 year old. You’ll want to keep encouraging problem solving and help them embrace their curiosity. Coding toys, building kits and science games are all great options.


STEM Toys For 7 Years Old

You start to have more advanced options for STEM toys for 7 years old. They can start learning more about programming, more complex engineering, science and math. Some great toys to get them started include:


  • Coding robots and games
  • Kids’ microscopes
  • Geology kits
  • Brain teasers
  • Gear kits for kids
  • Interactive STEM apps for tablets


STEM Toys For 8 Years Old

Your child’s likely getting more interested in specific things, such as science or programming. Indulge their interests. They’re open and ready to learn a variety of STEM skills that will set them on the path to success. Some great STEM toys for 8 years old include:


  • Coding robots and games
  • Science kits, usually 7-10 years old
  • Rocket kits
  • Video game builders
  • Building kits, usually up to 10-12 years old


STEM Toys For 9 Years Old

Anything goes at this age. The idea is to keep your child interested in STEM beyond the classroom. You might even have other kids over to work on more complex engineering and coding projects. Since they’re growing more responsible, add in more electronics with STEM toys for 9 years old such as:


  • Circuit board kits for kids and teens
  • More in-depth coding robots and games
  • Building kits, usually up to teenage levels
  • Science projects
  • Robot building kits


STEM Toys For 10 Years Old

It starts getting harder to find STEM toys for 10 years old, especially if they already have a variety of STEM toys. The idea is to help them focus in more on their specific interests to build their STEM skills in the areas they love most. Ideally, try to find more advanced projects for existing toys or opt for similar toys/kits but for higher age and difficulty levels.


If possible, introduce your child to local STEM community gatherings where people come together to build fun things, launch homemade rockets or just learn from each other. Having this community aspect helps them embrace STEM even more.

Matatalab Toys For All Ages

Matatalab offers STEM toys that appeal to a variety of ages. Unlike some toys, these can grow as your child grows. For example, your 3 year old may love Matatalab Lite, which is designed with different functions and features to offer increasing challenges as your child gets older. The cute little robot is easy and safe for younger children, while still piquing their curiosity and introducing them to robotics and programming.


Our Matatalab Coding Set is a hands-on kit designed for kids aged 4-9. It inspires their imagination, improves coding skills and helps with cognitive abilities. Unlike many similar coding toys, our set is screen free, making a more interactive and hands-on experience. For younger kids, the graphic blocks mean it’s easier to play without having to know all the words.


We use a game-based and engaging approach to teaching kids STEM skills. All it takes is the right toys at any age to get a kid interested in STEM and learning skills that will last a lifetime. Play along with your kids and discover a new love for STEM yourself.

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