Korea Grade 1-4 After school Program Case Study

Korea Grade 1-4 After school Program Case Study

How many kids are in a group


How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

Matatalab is an excellent robot for coding classes especially for the lower grades of elementary school. Also it is good for learning the basic concept of coding, writing the code by yourself. Children can code and move the robot by theirselves and check the result with their eyes. It was very useful as a coding robot for physical computing. What skills did it develop? basic concept of coding, Computer thinking, Code and Debugging.

What worked best and what was challenging?

When code and move Matatabot, its direction is based on Matatabot's direction. However, many children has been confused direction, because they think about it on their side of view.

How did students respond?

As looking at it as a one-year course, it was so much fun just by moving the robot in the beginning. I gradually increased the difficulty level and it worked as concentrated on maintaining interest for children.


Share your comments upon the class using Matatalab

In the case of a one-year course, it is important to allocate so as not to take too many classes early. By slowly solving the concept of coding and teaching with Matatalab, you can continue to keep your children interested.


Yuri Park

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