Ukraine Primary School STEM Class Case Study

Ukraine Primary School STEM Class Case Study

How many kids are in a group?


How was the Matatalab robot(s) used?

For the primary school, an important element of learning is the study of the outside world.

We offer a set “4 Seasons “ for Integrated training, which consists of a special field and a set of cards.

The field is designed to work with two Matatalab Coding Set or Pro Set simultaneously.

The set also contains 12 cards with images associated with different seasons (3 cards per season).

You can also create your own cards for your own stories.

As an example you can play the game "Seasons".

Two teams start from different corners of the field, alternately pulling out the cards with the seasons. After receiving the card, the team must to code a program for Matatabot to reach the season indicated on the card. The team that will live the first "fully" year wins.

In the case of a "meeting" of robots in a particular image, the robot that got there second must perform some additional action (dance, melody, etc.).

You can also use the cards to help children remember the names of months. The barriers can additionally be used in the field to complicate programming.

If you use Matatalab Pro Set, you also can code some melodies due to season or drawing some shapes.

What skills did it develop?

knowledge of the outside world, teamwork, storytelling

What worked best and what was challenging?

The best time for kids was memorizing the theme "Seasons". It was difficult to achieve teamwork from two teams at once

How did students respond?

Competition between teams allows one team to account for the mistakes of another

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