Singapore Preschool Coding Class Case Study

The classroom activity is now livened up with an alternative activity which can cultivate teamwork and promote virtues such as patience. Teachers have to be well equipped with classroom management and asking the right questions to trigger response in children. The teacher must also know how to modify the challenges to make it relevant, interesting yet sufficiently challenging for children to learn.

Tricia Toh

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Belarus Kindergarten STEM Class Case Study

I find it a good advantage that it is possible to organize group activities with a large number of children using a small number of sets. And also high quality of the manufacture of the kit. The set will work for a long time. Of course, it’s great that there is no need for computers. Teacher can perfectly combine physical activity, mental and creative work in accordance with the principles of STEAM education. Recommendation: to come up with a more convenient box for storing parts, which could be used in the lesson as an organizer, and not transfer blocks to other containers.


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Finland Grade 1 Robotics in Classroom Case Study

During the pilot I as a teacher experienced cooperation with peers, happy faces, joy of learning new things and happiness when they figured out the solution. It was nice that we were able to boost creativity skills for my students. Robots were easy to use. There were tasks for all kinds of students, for them who just started coding and also for them who were at a more advanced level.

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Finland Peer Teaching Case Study (Grades 5-6)

Students liked a lot working together with the bots and also learned a lot from their partner. Matatalab products were very engaging also for these older students and they enjoyed the possibility to choose their own level on doing. Also the labyrinth challenge was nice because they had the possibility to be creative.
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Easy for teachers to use. Multiple creative ways to use the bots to learn new skills. Children are engaged and enthusiastic. 

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Canada K-2nd Grades STEM Enrichment Case Study

Students were very motivated to write once we had made a character together and they had seen my demonstration. That students could write only to recite their story and not to have all of the spelling mistakes corrected is also a motivator: let students read their own creative writing. It was good to have short stories because we quickly saw that the tiles could only allow so much movement on the board, ie. only four of each blue tile limited the length of a story.

primary school teacher in canda using matatalab

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Colombia 1st Grade Coding Class Case Study

After the class using Matatalab, students asked us when we are going to use them again. Probably, we will use them next year, to work not just computational thinking, or ICT topics. With the rest of ICT teachers, we are thinking about the possibility to use them to introduce the first steps in each subject or, even we are thinking about the chance to make some groups to bring teams to the MWRC- MatataWorld Robotics Competition.

colombia teachers using matatalab

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